Ankara, Turkey
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About Turkey

Official Name: Republic of Turkey

Population: 83 614 362

Surface Area: 814.578 km2

Capital: Ankara (Population: 5,663,322)

The biggest city: İstanbul (Population: 15,462,452)

Language: The official language is Turkish. English is widely spoken in major cities.

Currency: Turkish Lira (TL)

Timeframe: EET (GMT +3)

Working Hours: Working days in Turkey are Monday to Friday. Most of the government offices, banks and private companies serve between 09.00-17.00.

Climate: In our country, which is located in the middle belt, winter prevails in December, January, February; spring in March, April, May, summer in June, July and August; autumn in September, October, and November.

“Turkey, Where East and West Meet”

Having a strategic position at the junction of the East and the West, Turkey has a history of approximately ten thousand years. As it is part of both Asia and Europe, it has a wide variety of climates and geography. Turkey has always been the center of important trade, silk and spice routes, as it is covered by the sea on three sides. It is possible to find traces of different cultures in Turkey.

An independent republic since 1923, Turkey is a modern Muslim country with a liberal economy and significant trade relations with Western countries. The treacherous coup attempt against democracy on 15 July 2016 was suppressed with victory after the people’s struggle. The democracy war waged by the Turkish people has set an example to the whole world.