Ankara, Turkey
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How will I register for the University?

You can pre-register on our website to receive an acceptance letter from Turkish Universities. Pre-registration and information are free of charge. You can apply yourself on the website of each university. However, it is very difficult to do and follow this process without technical support.
It is very important to fill out the registration form completely and accurately. If the form is incomplete, you may not receive an acceptance letter or this process will take longer.
Filling the ISSA-EDUCATIONINTURKEY Pre-registration form
Documents have to be in English or Turkish. Let’s fill out the form together.
Decide in which Level and Language you want to study. (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PhD/Turkish or English)
Fill out the form completely on the registration link on our website.
Check your e-mail box. Please send us the reference number automatically sent to you.
We will assess your application. We will recommend you the two most suitable universities within 15 days.
After choosing one of the two conditional acceptance letters we recommend, you will prepay the university.
The university will send a final acceptance letter after prepayment. You will be able to use this final acceptance letter for visa procedures.
You will arrive in Turkey on the registration date with the necessary documents and sufficient money. You must complete the registration process by the announced date.
You can always contact with us on our WhatsApp number and ask questions.
Find and research more information on the internet about living conditions in the province where the university is located.
The student is responsible for visa procedures. Except for this Pre-Consulting and the provision of acceptance letters, our services are paid.
Call us for guidance services such as transfer and welcome at the airport, accommodation, preparation of documents, obtaining diploma equivalence certificate, residence, etc. However, these services are paid.
If you want to study in Turkey, fill in the pre-registration form.