Ankara, Turkey
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Scholarship and Part Time Job Opportunity


In Turkey, there are Turkey scholarships given by the government to successful students. These scholarships for undergraduate, post-graduate and PhD students cover education, accommodation and plane tickets. You can earn this scholarship after a challenging exam.

In addition, Private Universities provide scholarships at the rate of 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% to successful students according to their diploma grades and English levels. Students who earn this scholarship be entitled to a discount on their education fees. If you are very successful student, you can earn 100% scholarship and study for free in private university (These scholarships only cover the tuition fee)

For students with a graduation score of between 15-20 or 80-100, if they register 5 foreign students to the university through our agency every year, we offer 50% cash scholarships. However, scholarships are not awarded for years when 5 students are not registered. (Except health departments)



Every student wants to work part-time during their education. But this is not always possible. You can often find part-time job opportunities in Turkey for diligent students who speak the language of the country and have extra skills. While studying in Turkey, you can find the opportunity to work under the following conditions.

When you learn Turkish (you cannot work in the first year)

Office work by using computers, informatics, graphics, etc.

Jobs that can be work remotely, such as online sales and online language training

You can work in offices, cafes, restaurants, interpreters, etc.

You can also find the opportunity to work part-time by doing paid internships at some universities.

We find a part-time job for every successful student who comes through our agency and speaks Turkish.