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Technical Support

Please follow our website and social media accounts for online fair dates. Complete your fair registration at the latest 3 days before the fair starts.

Prefer a good computer and a fast-access internet network as the fair will last for 2 days. Write your questions in the question section. Get detailed information by visiting universities from the general network. Do not miss the live seminars that will be held during the fair. After the fair, follow your e-mails regularly for future information. For all your questions, you can contact us on our WhatsApp number.

Click for the fair entry and technical support video. Fill in the form to register for the online fair.

As an agency, we organize two types of online seminars.

Online seminars we organize every month in the evening in English and French, (Click here for exact dates and times)

Live seminars held during the Online Fair. 6 seminars are held every day at certain hours at the fair. Universities, agencies and official institutions make presentations in these seminars. Click for live seminar topics and time schedules.

Click for the Online Seminar entry and technical support video. Fill in the form to register for the online fair.

In order for your registration to be complete and accurate, you should pay attention to the following points. If you fill in the form incompletely or incorrectly, we cannot fully assist you.

Files to be added must be in JPG or PDF format and legible.

The Diploma and Transcript documents you will upload (the document showing the transcript of all classes) must be in Turkish or English. Click here for example.

The photo you send must be a passport or biometric photo. Click here for example.

You must write your phone and WhatsApp number correctly with the country code.

You can fill and submit the form only once. If you need to make changes or send additional documents, you can send them via WhatsApp by specifying the reference number and your name.

In order to communicate with you quickly, we use WhatsApp. That’s why we recommend that you get a WhatsApp number if you don’t have one.

You should clearly indicate the faculty and department you want to study. Please write your preference and request clearly in English in the remarks section.

Preferably, we do all our correspondence and explanations in English or Turkish. You can apply in other languages, but we will give our answer in English or Turkish.

If you cannot fill out our forms completely or just want to get information, you can write us from the contact section of our website.