Ankara, Turkey
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I would like to receive postgraduate education, what are the conditions?

You must have completed a university in the relevant field.  When you pre-register on our website and send the necessary information and documents, we begin your research on your behalf.  Some universities may also ask you to pass an exam that determines your foreign language level.  Also in Turkey a CV and reference letter explaining why you want to study in Turkey is requested from the universities.  We will give you detailed information after your pre-registration.

In Turkey Master are 2 years, 4 years for PDH. In private university language of instruction in most of the English and Turkish.  Fees are variable depending on the department and university.  In general, tuition fees range for the Master is between 4 000-8 000 USD / Total, and for PDH is between 7 000-17 000 USD / Total.