Ankara, Turkey
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Medical Specialty Exam (TUS) and PhD in Health

Postgraduate Education in Medicine and Dentistry (Speciality/TUS DUS)

Postgraduate education in the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry in Turkey is generally provided in state universities. If you want to receive a free postgraduate education in the field of health at state universities, you must meet the following requirements and successfully pass the TUS Exam. You also receive a scholarship of approximately 5,000 TL from the hospital during your residency training.

You must successfully complete the Faculty of Medicine or the Faculty of Dentistry in your country.

You must certify that you have sufficient knowledge of English or French or German. (You must have an international language exam result document or get 50% points in foreign language exams held in Turkey.)

You must obtain the equivalence of your undergraduate diploma from the YÖK institution in Turkey.

You have to know Turkish (TUS exam is held in Turkish.)

When you meet the above requirements, you must take the TUS/DUS Exam held in Turkish and get at least 45 points. After getting this score, you can get the right to enroll in any department by choosing the departments announced by the universities in the TUS (Medical Speciality Exam) / DUS (Dentistry Speciality Exam) Exam.

Finally, students who meet the requirements and score at least 45% in the TUS/DUS Exam should know that a limited number of students will be accepted with the announced quota. The students with the highest scores, up to the pre-announced number, will pass. Also, do not forget that the most important challenge is getting the Equivalence. Click here for details about equivalence.