Ankara, Turkey
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About Turkish Universities

You can receive education in Turkish or English at European standards in any field you want at private and public universities in Turkey (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry etc. Health Departments, Engineering, International Relations, Social Departments and Law etc.).


Public universities are very cheap but generally Turkish education is provided and Students are taken by YÖS exam to bachelors. Private universities are paid but the language of instruction is Turkish / English and registration is done without examination and is done according to high school diploma grade.

YÖS exam is not required for postgraduate education in the Turkey, it is sufficient to graduate successfully from your university. Some universities may request additional documents. Enrollments can be made in both semesters in spring and autumn. Period of study is 2 years for Associate Degree, 4 years for Bachelor’s degree, 2 years for post-graduate and 4 years for PhD.

Private Universities: They provide undergraduate and postgraduate education. In general, the languages of education are Turkish and English. These are entered without an exam with a diploma grade point average.

There are many departments such as Health, Engineering, Economics, International Relations, Logistics, Marketing, Law etc. These departments are especially found in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

State Universities: They provide undergraduate and postgraduate education. In general, the language of education is Turkish. These are entered through the YÖS Exam.

All known departments in the world are available. Although most of them are found in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, they are spread over every province of Turkey.


Acceptance Requirements (Exam) Without exam/Diploma grade only With Exam (YÖS)+Diploma
Language of Instruction:                        Turkish/English Generally Turkish
Presentation of Documents:          English/Turkish Only Turkish  
Fee (General Departments)             2500-8000 USD/Year  200-1000 USD/Year
Fee (Medicine-Dentistry, Pharmacy)         12 000-20 000 USD/Year 1000-2000 USD/Year
Discount Scholarship:             Yes / 25-50-75-100% Non/Flat-Rate Tuition
Language proficiency/ Language course: Required/Yes Required/Yes
Consultancy Fee: None/Paid by the University Yes/Paid by the student (400 USD)
Provinces:   (90%) Istanbul/Ankara/Izmir In all provinces of Turkey.    
International Office:       Yes / Many languages are spoken None/Generally Turkish is spoken