Ankara, Turkey
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About Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at the private universities we have agreements with vary between 3000-7000 USD/year. Tuition fees at partner universities vary according to universities, departments and provinces. In addition, education is more expensive in other universities we have not agreements with.

However, Medical and Dentistry Education fees vary between 12,000-20,000 USD/year.

Tuition Fees in State Universities:

If you want to study at state universities, you must first meet the following requirements.

Annual tuition fees at state universities vary between 100-500 USD/year.

However, when your acceptance letter is prepared, you have to pay us a Consulting fee of 400 USD. You will pay this consultancy fee after receiving the acceptance letter.

You must have your documents translated into Turkish by a notary public. (Diploma, Transcript and Passport)

You will do the translation in your own country, but if you want, we can have it translated by a notary public. For this, you have to pay an extra 100 USD.